The show is held at the historic Cressing Temple Barns in Essex that were built by the Knights Templar in the 13th century. It is hard to imagine a better venue for a display of carvings than the Granary Barn built entirely of wood which is over 600 years old. The carvings by BWA members will compete with each other for a splendid trophy and great prizes of vouchers donated by Classic Hand Tools worth £500 for the winner £300 for second and £200 for third place.

We very much hope you are able to attend the show which you will enjoy and is very much worth the effort of travelling a distance to join in the fun. You will then be able to bring your wonderful creations with you, to submit them and be part of the event.

2015 Competition First Place ‘Impala Ewe’ Michelle Bolton. Photo: Tony Kwasniak

If you intend to submit entries for the competition, which will be just as tastefully presented as in previous years and fully protected during the period of the show, you need to arrive with your carvings by 9.00am on the 16th September. (If you have to travel a distance and arrive late your submission will not be rejected but you may, of course, miss out on votes)

If you wish to enter but are unable to attend the show we can arrange to receive postal entries and ensure their safekeeping and ultimately return them to you after the event.

If you have any questions regarding postal entries or indeed the competition in general please contact either:-

Ken Veal by on 01277 899684
e-mail on

Brian Pitcher on 01277 651672
e-mail on

Competition Entry Rules

  • Only BWA members may submit entries to the competition.
  • There is NO submission fee for your carving(s).
  • There are NO restrictions on size, subject or number of entries per member.
  • Your entry/entries MUST have been completed in the two years leading up to the show.
  • Your entry must NOT have been entered in this event previously.
  • Please ensure that you state if your carving makes use of someone else’s design or is a copy of someone else’s carving. This is so that we can give appropriate credit (for the design) if we use a photograph of your carving in any publicity material.

The competition is open to ALL BWA members from all BWA regions