More information on this years Masterclasses to follow soon.


We will add timed demo’s to this page nearer the event but the following will be offering demonstrations throughout the weekend:

Horse Logging – Hawthorn Heavy Horses

Making an Axe – Nic Westermann

Medieval Hewing – Steve Woodley

Storytelling – Storybeard

Steam Bending Demonstrations and Talks on Local English Hardwoods – Dylan Pym

There will also be ongoing demos throughout the day including Joey Richardson, Mark Hancock and Lorenzo Franceschinis on the lathes, Deneb Puchalski from Lie-Nielsen, Dave Johnson with letter carving, plus Chris Griggs,  Tim Atkins, Willy Rackham, and more.

All exhibitors at the show are encouraged to demonstrate wherever possible so there is plenty for everyone to see and enjoy or in some cases, to have a go yourselves.