If you are looking to own a first class tool and a true piece of fine handmade English craftsmanship then look no further than Skelton Saws. Set in a picturesque location where the country meets the coast, Skelton Saws is a small family business owned and run by highly skilled and versatile craftsman, Shane Skelton and his wife Jacqueline.

“My aim is to create some of finest handmade English handsaws available. Traditionally made, I adopt and apply original techniques of saw making to my work and am greatly inspired by the work of the great 18th Century saw makers, fellow craftsmen who truly knew how to make things by hand.”

Handcrafted from the finest quality timber, the handle of a Skelton Saw is produced from beautifully figured rosewood. Our timber merchant travels around the world to carefully source and hand pick only the best wood from sustainable sources to produce our exquisite handles. Although a unique handle design, inspiration has been drawn from the ‘Kenyon Saw’ Also working in Yorkshire, England in the 18th Century, John Kenyon is one of the most influential saw makers of all time.

The process of creating the undeniably comfortable open pistol grip handle is undertaken entirely by hand, beginning with the timber boards being hand planed to the required thickness. All profiles are then hand cut and the handle is shaped traditionally using rasps. Finally an oil / wax finish is applied which enhances the grain and natural figuring, whilst providing a protective seal against the elements.

The brass back of a Skelton Saw is milled from solid flat bar and profiled to shape impeccably by hand, adding further individuality to this unparalleled piece of craftsmanship. Traditional hand turned split nut saw bolts replicate the authentic look of the 18th century saw. Opting for solid over folded brass gives a better balance to the saw and retains the blade perfectly straight. Again, the brass is finally stamped with the Skelton name and logo by hand using a fly press.

A joy to own, a Skelton Saw displays great attention to detail right down to the small logo stamped into the large brass medallion. Deep rooted in Yorkshire, our logo has been adapted from our northern ‘Skelton’ family heraldic crest. Our version depicts a peacock’s head brandishing an acorn in its beak. Although symbolic on many levels the Ancient Greeks believed that the peacock stood for immortality. We too hope and believe that the excellent construction of our saws will ensure that they too will stand the test of time and be used by future generations.

Each saw that is sold is recorded in our prestigious handmade and handwritten Saw Register. Logging the destination of our saws, not only allows us to follow up our uniquely personal customer service with our clients, but it also adds to the ‘Skelton Story.’ A historical document in the making for handsaw lovers of the future.