Bill Carter served his apprenticeship as a carpenter & joiner, he went on to become a self taught cabinet maker. His last job was working for the Leicester Museum Services, doing cabinet work, gallery’s etc. This is where he saw his first Norris and couldn’t believe the quality. Adjustable Norris’s are the most sought after planes in this country, without doubt.

Bill started making planes for himself in the 1970’s, these were always made out of timber. In 1983 he made his first metal plane after seeing a set of plans in the Woodworker magazine. In 1987 Bill left full time employment to concentrate on plane making at home. We estimate he has made about 1000 planes. He is now 78 years old and is still making a few planes in the summer months. Bill is self taught and never had any metal work tuition, it’s all been learnt by trial and error. His speciality is copying rare mitre planes and making miniature mitre planes out of the brass backs of old tenon saw’s. Bill likes nothing better than to find a rusty old disgarded tenon saw with a beautiful makers mark on the brass, which he retains when making a plane adding his name somewhere.