We welcome Curtis to the show for the first time. For Curtis, working with wood is a vehicle for self-expression. He finds great personal satisfaction in working with material reclaimed from urban redevelopment projects or storm damaged trees, and is particularly interested in using textures and other embellishments to complement the wood. Each piece is made with the expectation it will long outlive its maker.

Curtis began seriously working with wood in 2000, after a successful career in the high tech industry. His work began with a focus on furniture, but evolved to include carving and turning. Curtis traces his interest in woodworking to his early childhood and still has the first toolbox he made from scraps at the age of 10. Curtis was a customer before joining the Lie-Nielsen team in 2007. His first Lie-Nielsen plane was a No. 4½ bench plane and remains a favorite tool.

He also enjoys teaching woodworking and woodturning in the Austin Texas area. He is a past President of Central Texas Woodturners, a member of the American Association of Woodturners, and Fine Woodworkers of Austin.