Blue Spruce Toolworks introduced, in 2002, a marking knife specifically designed to address the needs of smaller scale, precision joinery. It was met with much enthusiasm by the online community and was rated “highly recommended” in the spring 2005 issue of Woodworking Magazine as well as a very favourable review in Canadian Woodworking’s June 2005 issue. Several new marking tools have been added to the product line. Blue Spruce Toolworks followed with precision chisels for dovetail joinery and other detail operations. The beautiful form, balance and function of the chisels continue to inspire woodworkers to do their finest work and have become treasured tools to be passed down through generations of woodworkers. The product line continues to expand with tools such as an award winning mallet, innovative bench chisels, speciality chisels, tool rolls and tool racks.

Dave Jeske is a degreed mechanical engineer with experience in advanced materials, precision machine design, lean manufacturing processes and business management. He has worked in a variety of fields including high performance composite armour for military vehicles, the international space station, various defence systems and machine design. He enjoys the beautiful Pacific Northwest and loves to hike and explore the backcountry. He is a self-taught woodworker with a passion for hand tools. Many of the tools he uses are from the 1800’s including his favourite dovetail and small tenon saws and many moulding planes.