Michel Auriou is a fourth generation rasp maker.  Auriou rasps are made in Forge de Saint Juery near Albi in the Tarn region of south west France.  Michel’s hand stitched rasps and rifflers are in constant demand by woodworking artists from around the world.  The shape, naming and grading of Auriou rasps have been copied by others but many influential woodworkers maintain that Michel’s rasps possess a certain “je ne sais quoi” which allows them to out perform all others.

Auriou rasps were the rasp of choice for pattern makers who had to shape wooden models in the automotive industry prior to computer aided design.  Auriou rasps have always been extensively used by chairmakers before that process became more automated.  Hobbyist woodworkers now form Michel’s customer base as they seek to enjoy the precision shaping of wood by hand.

Michel has collaborated with English master carver Chris Pye to produce a range of approximately 50 hand forged carving tools which will be on display and for sale at the show alongside a selection of Michel’s other products including stone carving tools and rifflers.