Ron is travelling all the way from California to join EWS 2017. Please make sure he has a busy time of it! Hock’s replacement plane blades for Stanley & Record planes (plus Norris, Spiers planes etc) are known for their consistent quality (in A2 or high Carbon) but Ron also produces carving knives, kitchen knife kits, violin knives, marking knives, plane kits and has also written a superb book on Sharpening entitled The Perfect Edge

The Perfect Edge

“If, however, you don’t own a book on sharpening, I think “The Perfect Edge” should be at the top of the list, if only for the fact that it covers the latest innovations in sharpening equipment and is written in a very breezy style that makes the technical information easy to digest.” – Chris Schwarz

​So come and meet Ron in the Barley Barn and chat about steel and sharpening from the man who knows.​

​All Ron Hock​’​s products are available through Classic Hand Tools at and will be available for sale at the show.