Meet Tormek’s Stig Reitan and see him demonstrate the Tormek Sharpening System at the European Woodworking Show!

Tormek has developed a unique sharpening system for edge tools, which is appreciated worldwide for its unbeatable versatility, accuracy and ease of use. Stig began working with Tormek in 2010 and is the Country Sales Manager for USA, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. Stig’s skills combined with an enthusiasm for sharpening make it easy to learn from him.

Since his journey with Tormek started, Stig has taught professional craftsmen and enthusiastic DIYers across the globe, showing how they can achieve unbeatable sharpness with the Tormek Sharpening System. He believes anyone can learn how to get sharp tools with Tormek, thanks to their clever jig solutions.

Want to learn more about sharp tools? Come and see Stig at the EWS or visit