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Join the world famous Woodturning Cruise™ and enjoy Norway’s magnificent nature and fjords – and watch professional woodturners, carvers and artisans demonstrate on thew high seas! An unforgettable holiday for you and your spouse, or a friend!

20th August 2018 – 1st September 2018

Demonstrators on the Woodturning Cruise™ 2018

We are proud to present some of the world’s top names in woodturning! Onboard you can watch their demonstrations, participate in their lectures, have one on one discussions and even receive tutelage from some of the best turners in the world!

We also have other famous and excellent craftsmen who will happily share their knowledge. Read more below or visit the website for more detailed information and links to the demonstrators own webpages.

Binh Pho – USA
One of the most exciting woodturners in the world, and his creations are just amazing and spectacular. “I don’t make objects, I create characters” says Binh. Learn more about him on the website.

Cynthia Carden Gibson – USA
Cynthia is a cruise veteran. She is known for her pyrography designs and collaboration with turners. She will work with several of them, but mainly with Binh

Nick Agar – UK
Incredibly exciting, talented turner who brings a new expressive decora-ting dimension to all his work, large & small. Lately his Viking bowl, inspired by previous cruises and visits, has become a signature piece.

Richard Raffan – Australia
We are very excited to have Richard onboard again! He is a world famous woodturner, has written many books and is a great teacher. Widely known for his bowls and designs!

Åsmund Vignes – Norway
Åsmund is THE expert on ring tools – period! He loves to do small vases, boxes and also bigger stuff. Great tutor with a sense of humor!

Benoit Averly – France
Known for his sculptural turnings -a great woodturner and demonstrator. He challenges shapes and forms, and embellishes with textures, colours and carving.

Jimmy Clewes – USA
A household name in the UK, USA and Norway for his demonstrations and DVD’s. With no limit to his talent, he happily shares his incredible knowledge with endless patience. A cruise veteran!

Michael Hosaluk – Canada
His work is very creative, humourous and elegant, and full of reference to architecture, nature and culture. His pieces can be found in many collections around the world.

Rune Hjelen – Norway
He is a talented woodturner and a Master in woodcarving. He works both contemporary and traditional. Rune has participated in several events and seminars around the world. He also runs his own woodturning/woodcarving school in Trondheim. Works as a teacher.

Competition results!
There was 150 correct answers (and more than 60 with wrong answers). The correct answers are:
1. What date does the ship leaves Stavanger? 20th August 2018
2. When was the first Woodturning cruise? 1998
3. What are the colours of the Norwegian flag? Red, blue and white