Puppet Competition Winner 2017 – Ben Marks

It’s time to share something that is really true,
I have a name that’s completely new,
Grooben Schminkel isn’t easy to say,
But it’s my name now come what may,
There were lots of great names, some a bit of a lark,
In the end there was only one winner, his name was Ben Marks

There’s not much to see yet,
A few wooden blocks and a big piece of tree,
I need a name that no one will know until The European Woodworking Show,
So from time to time here’s what we will do,
We will post some pictures to give you a clue,
To win a Glove Puppet give me a name,
The first one received will win if two are the same,
If you are not certain come and meet me in person at The European Woodworking Show,
Try as many times as you like and while you think,
You can buy your tickets on www.ews2017.com

Lenka Cain Pavlickova graduated from the Art school in Prague in 1992, where she studied graphic design. Then she found she could express herself artistically not only in carving marionettes but also in designing and creating costumes, often searching out interesting materials and hand painting her own silk. In the time she has been creating marionettes, she has been recognized around the world for her fine work, which has led to many articles being written in magazines and newspapers and interviews for CNN, the BBC and a guest appearance on the 70th anniversary edition DVD of Pinocchio. She now lives between Prague and England which expanded her knowledge of other cultures and traditions in puppet theatre and has been inspirational in some of her latest work.